First Week!

Wow! The first week for Arrowhead Audio ( has been fantastic.

Firstly, we’ve sold more packs than I could have imagined in our first week and can’t wait to see (and hear) where these sounds end up.

We’ve also been featured on the HUGE sound design website thanks to the fantastic Miguel Isaza ( This is an absolute honor due to the quality of the site and the caliber of the people both visiting and featured on the site.

So things are going pretty well!

Next on the news, I’ve been looking at buying a new shotgun mic. It was a toss-up between the Sennheiser MKH 416 and Rode NTG-3. I was leaning towards the 416 because of it’s reputation within the industry and it’s obvious quality. But then I completely switched over to wanting the NTG-3, mainly  because there have been reports of the mic being almost identical (sound wise), and at half the cost, it seemed like a steal! The waterproof metal tubing case that it comes with it was a cool little extra as well! I also read on a few posts on Gearslutz ( from Charles Maynes that he was a recent convert to them, so if they’re good enough for Charles Maynes, they’re certainly good enough for me! (Speaking of Charles Maynes, here’s a great interview from Ric Viers about some of the projects Charles has worked on: )

So I ended up settling for the NTG-3 and Rode Blimp (pictured below)

Rode Goodies!

I’m hopefully going to be able get out with these next week and give them a good field testing and will update this blog with the results!

Till then!


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