ORTF/NOS Hybrid in a Blimp

I’ve been meaning to go out and record some ambiences and stereo material recently, but have been worried about wind whilst out in the field. Whilst there is no current (as far as I’m aware) solution to fitting a stereo pair within a Blimp/Rycote, I decided to give it a go myself.

I came across this article: http://audiofieldrecordings.wordpress.com/2010/09/09/rode-nt5-microphones-modified-ortfnos-recording-technique/ which explains how to fit a pair of NT5s into a Rode Blimp. Perfect!

I followed the guide but adapted it slightly. I liked the idea of having two XLRs running through one length of cable, but I wanted a quick fix and didn’t have time to quickly knock my own up, so I settled for plugging the tail cable that came with the Blimp into one of the NT5s and a standard Mogami XLR cable into the other. It took a bit of re-jigging and came up with something that looks like this:

What I ended up with was something which looks a little wider in degrees than ORTF(110 degrees)/NOS(90 degrees) but this was necessary to fit within the Blimp. I ended up taking it out and recording all six lanes of a motorway from a bridge, which I’ll blog about, with samples, when I’ve downloaded the files later this week.


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