Helicopter Recording

So a few months back I wanted to try out my Rode Blimp and NTG-3 so went to my local (small) airfield. I wasn’t really expecting to find much, but what I did come back with was a load of Helicopter recordings. I think someone was having a lesson so they kept flying over the airfield which led to some great fly-by recordings.

I also almost caught a plane taking off right over me, but a member of the public started chatting to me about what I was doing and whether any planes had taken off today (I think he was a plane spotter). Luckily I managed to stop him talking just as the plane started it’s taxi toward me although, not so luckily, the guy got back in his car and slammed his door just as the plane was overhead. At this point, there was nothing I could do but hope for a chance at another plane, which unfortunately, never came.

Here’s a quick sample of a helicopter flying past me overhead:


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